Pine Straw Installation in Wilmington NC

Are you looking for a pine straw installation service in Wilmington NC? Are your flower beds looking bare? Is it time for new pine straw? May be you want to create a flower bed and need some pine straw? Do you want to save your back? Then Vinedresser Lawn and Landscape has your back. Let us handle your pine straw installation!

Our pine straw is locally produced and comes from Seaside Mulch.  Pine straw not only enhances the appearance of your landscape but conserves water, deters weeds and feeds your soil.

Here are a couple of things to consider when buying pine straw and performing a pine straw installation in Wilmington NC.

What types of Pine Straw are There

In Wilmington and Southeastern NC there are two main type of pine straw sold. The first is “slash” pine straw. It is brown in color and has a shorter needle length of 6″. This is the cheaper of the two and is what you will find in the big box stores.

The second type is what is called “long leaf pine straw”. This pine straw is red in color and has about 7″-9″ needle length. This is a higher quality pine straw and will last longer.

We only buy and install long leaf pine straw from Seaside Mulch!

How Much Pine Straw Do I Need

When taking on the task of pine straw installation you need to know how much you need. We will be happy to come and and give you a hassle free estimate.  A bale of pine straw will go anywhere from 40-60 square feet depending on if it is a new bed or existing bed and how deep you want it. We suggest you lay the pine straw 4″ thick.

But if you want to figure it our yourself measure the length and width of your area in feet.

Measuring an Existing Bed for Pine Straw

If you already have a bed that is covered in pain straw you will need less than starting out with a new be. You are going to multiply the width and length of the bed together to get the total square footage. Take the total square footage and divide by 50-60. This will give you the amount of bales of pine straw you need.

Measuring a New Bed for Pine Straw

If you are starting with a new bed you are going to need more pine straw than if you were working with an existing bed. You will measure the length and width of the bed together to get the total square footage. Take the total square footage and divide by 40. This will give you the amount of bales of pine straw you need.

L x W / 40-60 = bales

How to Lay Pine Straw

Once you have figured up how much you will need you are gonna come in and weed the beds. After weeding the beds you will want to cut a deep edge into the perimeter of the bed with a spade, string trimmer or bed redefiner. Now that the bed is weeded and properly edged you are ready to lay the pine straw make sure you come out about 5″ over the edge of the bed with the pine straw. After all straw is laid out, come back with a leaf blower and blow all excess back in beds and tuck and roll the edges. To finish it off come back with a spade or flat head shovel and tuck the pine straw in the edge tight! This will leave you with a perfectly pine straw flower bed.

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